Into Your head - unique and obscure 21st century Irish audio comedy. Hundreds of shows preserved on Archive.org for future Archeologists and Misfits. for ARchive.IntoYourHead.ie | Search on Archive.org for "Into Your Head podcast Neal O'Carroll" for hundreds of archived shows. Or search on the Wayback Machine for archive.IntoYourHead.ie Cartoon image of presenter Neal O'Carroll viewed from behind as cartoon elephant waves in the bedroom window at him

This is a companion site for the permanent audio archives of Into Your Head podcast, which are preserved on Archive.org.

Far future humans can use the Wayback Machine to view caches of this site by searching Archive.IntoYourHead.ie
from the entertainment console of their nuclear powered self-driving flying space cars or from their phones on the bus.

As of 2024 the podcast is ongoing at IntoYourHead.ie.